All Faculty

All Faculty

photo of Roddrick Colvin

Dr. Roddrick Colvin

Director, Professor

Office: AH 4110

More about Roddrick Colvin
photo of Mounah Abdel-Samad

Mounah Abdel-Samad

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4111

More about Mounah Abdel-Samad
photo of Bruce Appleyard

Bruce Appleyard

Director of Action Institute for Sustainability, Livability, and Equity (AISLE) and Active Transportation Research
Office: AH 4124

More about Bruce Appleyard
photo of Dominika Bukalova

Dominika Bukalova

Assistant Professor

More about Dominika Bukalova
photo of Joshua Chanin

Joshua Chanin

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4120
Pronouns: he/him/his

More about Joshua Chanin
photo of Roddrick Colvin

Roddrick Colvin

Office: AH 4110

More about Roddrick Colvin
photo of Jenna Dublin-Boc

Jenna Dublin-Boc

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4113
Pronouns: She/ Her

More about Jenna Dublin-Boc
photo of Shawn Flanigan

Shawn Flanigan

Office: AH 4106

More about Shawn Flanigan
photo of James Gazell

James Gazell

Office: AH 4122

More about James Gazell
photo of Sambuddha Ghatak

Sambuddha Ghatak

Assistant Professor

More about Sambuddha Ghatak
photo of David Jancsics

David Jancsics

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4113

More about David Jancsics
photo of Justina Jose

Justina Jose

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4104

More about Justina Jose
photo of David Kanaan

David Kanaan

Associate Professor

More about David Kanaan
photo of Paul Kaplan

Paul Kaplan

Office: AH 4118

More about Paul Kaplan
photo of AJ Kim

AJ Kim

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4134

More about AJ Kim
photo of Kimberly Kras

Kimberly Kras

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4116
Pronouns: she/her/hers

More about Kimberly Kras
photo of Jeffrey McIllwain

Jeffrey McIllwain

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4114

More about Jeffrey McIllwain
photo of Alan Mobley

Alan Mobley

Associate Professor ,
Associate Director, Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice
Office: AH 4123
Pronouns: he/him/his

More about Alan Mobley
photo of Jeffery Osborne

Jeffery Osborne

Assistant Professor

More about Jeffery Osborne
photo of Darell L. Pugh

Darell Pugh


Phone: 619-594-4546

More about Darell Pugh
photo of Erica Redner-Vera

Erica Redner-Vera

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4121

More about Erica Redner-Vera
photo of Valerie Stahl

Valerie Stahl

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4119
Pronouns: she/her

More about Valerie Stahl
photo of Madison Swayne

Madison Swayne

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4122
Pronouns: she/her/hers

More about Madison Swayne
photo of Tereza Trejbalova

Tereza Trejbalova

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4103

More about Tereza Trejbalova
photo of Burrel Vann Jr.

Burrel Vann Jr.

Assistant Professor
Office: AH 4117

More about Burrel Vann Jr.
photo of Megan Welsh Carroll

Megan Welsh Carroll

Associate Professor
Office: AH 4234
Pronouns: she/her/ella

More about Megan Welsh Carroll
photo of Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson

Professor Emeritus

More about Patricia Wilson


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