Action Institute for Sustainability, Livability, and Equity (AISLE) and Active Transportation Research

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Action Institute for Sustainability, Livability, and Equity (AISLE) and Active Transportation Research focuses on providing research and planning services in the area of bicycle and pedestrian travel and facilities.

Housed in the School of Public Affair’s Institute for Innovative Governance, ATR supports discussions on environmental and social sustainability through rigorous evaluations of non-motorized travel and community environments. Partnering with local, regional, and state agencies, faculty affiliated with ATR work to build evidence-based research that supports policy actions to further sustainability and health in the realm of travel and urban form.

Recent California state mandates require local and regional governments to plan for all users of the transportation system, including elderly, children, cyclists, transit riders, and disabled. However, there is a dearth of systematically collected data on these travelers, as well as a lack of transportation planning methodologies to analyze and understand these travelers. SDSU is uniquely situated to gather and analyze rich data collected by our automated bicycle and pedestrian counting equipment. ATR is committed to exploring the development of active transportation metrics and analysis methodologies that will contribute to expand our understanding and ability to integrate active transportation into mainstream planning.


ATR is currently supporting the collection of continuous, automated bicycle and pedestrian counting in 35 locations across the San Diego region. This data supports innovative research in active transportation, as well as improved understanding of active travel behavior and planning for these modes. We are supported by a web-based server at Eco-Visio.

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We are actively working on independent research related to a variety of other topics:

  • Report to the California Transportation Commission on incorporating public health in transportation decision making
  • Center for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: A National University Transportation Center
  • Analyzing California's Active Transportation Program for the California State Assembly
  • Smart Mobility Calculator for Caltrans (
  • Rails to Trails
  • SAFE-D
  • Micro-Scale Analysis of Bicycle…
  • Krista’s research

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