Dr. Larry Herzog: Faculty Research

photo of Larry Herzog

Herzog, L. and Sohn, C. (2016).   "The Co-Mingling of Bordering Dynamics in the San Diego-Tijuana Cross-Border Metropolis." LISER Working Papers.

Herzog, L. and Hayward, K. (2016).   International Boundaries in a Global Era: Cross-border Space, Place and Society in the Twenty First Century. Ed. London: Routledge.

Herzog, L. (2015).   Global Suburbs: Urban Sprawl from the Rio Grande to Rio de Janeiro. New York: Routledge.

Herzog, L. (2014).   "Globalisation, Place and Twenty-First-Century International Border Regions: An Introduction to the Special Issue. " Global Society.

Herzog, L. (2013).   Defending the Land of Four Quarters: Globalization, Environmental and Sustainable Development in Latin America. San Diego: Cognella.

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