A Message from our Director

Headshot of Sherry Ryan

Welcome to San Diego State University’s School of Public Affairs! We are one of the premier schools of public affairs among urban research universities in Southern California, providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Administration, Criminal Justice, and City Planning.

A hallmark of our programs since their inception in 1968 has been the blending of interdisciplinary academic research, concepts and theory, with practical application. Our faculty conduct local and regional applied research, and are concerned with enhancing justice, access and equality in many diverse institutions and settings. We are enriched by professors of practice who are leaders of public institutions teaching students about the reality of working in the public sector.

The future of public affairs in our rapidly changing economic, political and technological climates is to develop innovative and creative solutions to the challenges of 21st century urban living. If you want to explore these possibilities with us, you will be embarking on a rewarding journey.

Sherry Ryan
Director and Professor