Andy Pendoley

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School of Public Affairs

Andy Pendoley, MA is an accomplished facilitator and public participation specialist who has contributed to a wide range of community and strategic planning projects throughout the San Diego region and California for 20 years. He is an adjunct lecturer in the School of Public Affairs, primarily teaching the PA 420 Research Methods course, while also supporting other undergraduate and graduate courses as a guest lecturer. Andy was drawn to planning by opportunities for community building and collaborative problem-solving to improve and support quality of life. The projects he has managed have addressed a variety of issues impacting communities today—housing, recreation, transportation, environmental quality, urban design, land use, and equity. The common denominator in his approach is applying inclusivity and helping to guide stakeholders and community members to consider new approaches and perspectives to affect real change. Andy strives to integrate technical expertise with the process of engagement so that all communities of interest participate in developing implementable, realistic solutions. A California native, he was awarded his Master of Arts in Communication Studies from SDSU, and his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology--Organizational Studies from U.C. Davis.

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