Wendy Wood

Headshot of Wendy Wood

My name is Wendy Wood. In the past 13 years, I have served the citizens of Campbell, Milpitas, and Los Gatos. I started my career in local government in 2009 as a Deputy City Clerk, and in 2015 my hard work and dedication were recognized by the City Council when they unanimously appointed me to the City Clerk position. Working in the Clerk's Office has given me the unique opportunity to be involved in all facets of public administration. I work with legislative leaders and executive staff from all departments. I have attended hundreds of City Council meetings and witnessed firsthand how and why policies and regulations are created and implemented. As the Clerk, I am responsible for recording and maintainin the legislative actions of the Council. I also serve as the Election Official and have managed three general elections, one special election, and transitioned the City of Campbell election process from at-large voting to districts. In my current role as the Clerk for the Town of Los Gatos I serve as key member of the executive team helping to manage the democratic process, ensuring public transparency and compliance with State and Local regulations.

My passion for public administration and energy allows me to approach my job with dedication and enthusiasm, which is why I am pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management in 2019, and I believe a master’s degree in public administration will provide me with the necessary knowledge to further my career. I look forward to collaborating with the group and gaining valuable knowledge from the professors.

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