Taylor Pittman

Headshot of Taylor Pittman

My name is Taylor Pittman. I obtained my undergraduate degrees in English and Philosophy from the University of Nevada, Reno. During my undergraduate career, I worked with The Eddy House, a local non-profit organization aimed at helping young adults who are experiencing homelessness. A large part of my role was interviewing the clients at The Eddy House and telling their stories to others. I worked closely with roughly five to seven clients, listening to their experiences, helping them learn how to interview for colleges or jobs, and providing access to literacy resources, such as the Writing and Speaking Center at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Since graduating, I have transitioned to a community management position for a homeowner’s association in La Jolla. I help facilitate monthly board meetings, draft an annual budget, and oversee all ongoing projects. For a community with 514 units, sometimes it feels more like managing a small town rather than an association.

My long-term professional goal is to transition into urban development and city planning, potentially city management. I hope to combine my passion for helping those experiencing homelessness with my working knowledge of management and the skills developed through the MPA program.

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