Dr. Megan Welsh

Headshot of Megan Welsh

Associate Professor

School of Public Affairs
Office: AH 4234
Phone: 619 594 1626

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Megan Welsh is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs, where she teaches research methods and data analysis courses, primarily in the criminal justice and public administration graduate programs. Because Dr. Welsh is a firm believer in the power of experiential learning, students in her classes have the opportunity to engage in “real world” research through fieldwork on urgent topics such as homelessness and police-community relations. Dr. Welsh holds a doctorate in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the CUNY Graduate Center, and bachelor and master degrees in social work from UC Berkeley and Temple University, respectively. Drawing primarily on qualitative methods such as in-depth interviewing and participant observation, Dr. Welsh’s research seeks to understand how people experience, navigate, and survive within criminal-legal and social welfare institutions. Her current research focuses on the health and sanitation needs of people experiencing homelessness, the criminalization of poverty, and issues of race and “colorblindness” in policing.

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