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Dr. Appleyard is an Associate Professor of City Planning and Urban Design at San Diego State University (SDSU) where he helps people and agencies make more informed decisions about how we live, work and thrive. Working at the intersection of transport, land use, and urban design, he is an author of numerous peer-reviewed and professional articles to help practitioners form policies and practices toward achieving a range of sustainability, livability, and social equity objectives. He has expertise in the future of transport, street redesign for bicyclists, pedestrians and livability, climate action planning, smart growth implementation, transit-oriented-development around station & along corridors, and social equity analysis. He co-authored the APA’s textbook on The Transportation/Land Use Connection, as well as the Transportation Research Board of National Academies of Science’s Handbook for Building Livable Transit Corridors and Smart Growth/Livability Calculator. His latest book Livable Streets 2.0 provides in depth analysis, discussion and solutions around the conflict, power and promise of our streets to be more livable, healthy and equitable for all. Building on his arguments for Livability Ethics, he has recently developed an online Smart Growth Equity Calculator to help people take action to effectively coordinate housing, transport, and climate action planning to achieve equitable sustainability & livability. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation named Dr. Appleyard as one of their Top Ten Active Living Heroes for his work with communities. Dr. Appleyard holds a Doctorate (as well as a Masters and Bachelors) from the University of California, in the town of Berkeley where he grew up.

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