Dr. Stuart Henry: Faculty Research

photo of Stuart Henry

Henry, S., Chanin, J., Welsh, M., and Nurge, D. (2018).   "Police Non-Compliance: Why Law Enforcers may Deviate from Laws, Rules and Reform Mandates." Contextualizing Compliance: Individual Motivations, Social Processes and Institutional Design.

Henry, S. (2018).   Social Deviance. Cambridge: Polity Press..

Henry, S. (2018).   "Beyond Interdisciplinary Theory: Revisiting William H. Newell’s Integrative Interdisciplinary Theory from a Critical Realist Perspective." Interdisciplinary Studies.

Muschert, G., Henry, S., Bracy, N., and Peguero, A. (2014).   Responding to School Violence: Confronting the Columbine Effect. Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Henry, S. (2014).   "Constitutive Criminology." Encyclopedia of Theoretical Criminology.

Henry, S. (2012).   "The Challenges of Integrating Criminology: A Commentary on Agnew’s Toward a Unified Criminology." Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology.

Henry, S. and Plemmons, D. (2012).   "Neuroscience, Neuropolitics and Neuroethics: The Complex Case of Crime, Deception and fMRI." Science and Engineering Ethics.

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