Dr. Kimberly Kras: Faculty Research

photo of Kimberly Kras

Kras, Kimberly (2020).   "States’ SORNA Implementation Journeys: Lessons Learned and Policy Implications." New Criminal Law Review.

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Kras, Kimberly (2019).   "Improving Risk/Needs Assessment Utilization: Quality Improvement and Participatory Action Research to Advance Probation Change Processes " Corrections

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Kras, Kimberly (2019).   "Considering Street-Level Community Corrections Officers and Supervisors’ Divergence from Policies" Justice Quarterly

Kras, Kimberly (2019).   "Bureaucratic Personalities and Criminal Justice Systems Organizational Structures" Public Administration Quarterly

Kras, Kimberly (2019).   "Structural discrimination and social stigma among individuals incarcerated for sexual offenses: Reentry across the rural-urban continuum" Criminology

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