Institute for Innovative Governance
Year One Work Plan



Work Plan Focus


August to September 2018 1.0 Start-Up Activities
Develop business cards, logo, webpage, letterhead

1.1 Start-up activities

September to December 2018 2.0 Stakeholder Outreach
We will outreach to two key groups of stakeholders – faculty and external professionals. Faculty will include those from both the School of Public Affairs and from other relevant fields on campus. External professionals will include staff and elected officials from local agencies and non-profit organizations. A total of approximately 60-80 interviews will be conducted representing a range of professions and expertise.

2.1 Develop list of stakeholders
2.2 Develop open-ended interview tool
2.3 Schedule and conduct interviews
2.4 Summarize interview findings

November to December 2018 3.0 Convene IIG Advisory Committee
Based upon the stakeholder outreach findings, we will convene an advisory committee to review IIG strategies and work products related to research, education and community-facing events.

3.1 Invite advisory committee members

3.2 Schedule 6 meetings for 2019

January to March 2019 4.0 Draft and Final 3-Year IIG Work Plan
Findings from the stakeholder outreach will be used to create a 3-year work plan for the Institute, including a research agenda, educational initiatives, and community-facing events to be undertaken over the 2019 – 2021 period. Staffing and funding needs will be defined.

4.1 Draft 3-Year Work Plan

4.2 Advisory committee review of draft 3-Year Work Plan

4.3 Final 3-Year Work Plan

March to May 2019 5.0 Draft and Final San Diego State of the Region Report
The stakeholder interviews will be summarized and crafted into the Institute’s first report defining key issues in the San Diego region.

5.1 Draft SDSRR

5.2 Advisory committee review of draft SDSRR

5.3 Final SDSRR

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