Dr. Dana Nurge: Faculty Research

photo of Dana Nurge

Nurge, Dana (2020).   "Defining, Identifying and Documenting Gang Members in the United States" International Handbook of Critical Gang Studies

Nurge, Dana (2018).   "Police Non-compliance: why Law Enforcers may Deviate from Laws, Rules and Reform Mandates" Contextualizing Compliance in the public sector: Individual Motivations, Social Processes, and Institutional Design

Chanin, J., Nurge, D., and Welsh, M. (2018).   "Traffic Enforcement Through the Lens of Race: A Sequential Analysis of Post-Stop Outcomes in San Diego, California." Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Chanin, J., Welsh, M., Nurge, D., and Henry, S. (2016).   "Traffic Enforcement in San Diego: An analysis of SDPD Vehicle Stops in 2014 and 2015." Final Report to the City of San Diego.

Nurge, D. (2015).   "City Gangs and Public Policy." Essential Criminology.

Carpenter, A., Nurge, D., and Gates, J. (2014).   "Measuring the Extent and Nature of Gang Involved Sex Trafficking in the San Diego Border Region." Report to the National Institute of Justice.

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