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If you are planning to enroll in a Special Study course (CP 796, 797, 798; CJ 499, 796, 797, 798; or PA 499, 796, 797, 798) you must complete the Special Study Authorization Contractform completed and signed by your faculty member/instructor, the School’s Director, and you prior to enrolling in any of these classes.

Arrange to meet with the faculty member/instructor and determine the description and title of your project as well as the specific due date(s). To obtain a schedule number, bring this completed form with all required signatures to PSFA 101A or leave it in the student Drop-Box located in the PA Center Lobby (PSFA 100). Your schedule number will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided on this form. This form by itself is NOT a valid registration for the course. Registration is to be completed by the student via WebPortal, using the schedule number provided by the department.

This contract constitutes an agreement reached between a faculty member and a student regarding a directed study course and the actual project or assignment to be performed, number of hours required, and due dates of any projects/assignments/written material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a declared major in order to take CJ or PA upper division classes?
A:  Yes, upper division CJ and PA classes are only open to declared majors (except for CJ 300, which can be taken prior to being a declared upper division major). Upper division courses include all 300 level and above.

Q: Can I take CJ and PA upper division classes as a declared CJ or PA premajor?
A:  No, major classes are only offered to declared CJ and PA majors.

Q: Can I start taking classes needed to complete my CJ or PA major if I am not yet a declared major?
A:  Yes, both major advising guide lists several classes from other departments which can be taken as electives toward your CJ or PA major.  Review the Advising Guide for a detailed listing.

Q: Is there and advantage to declaring the CJ or PA premajor early than my junior year?
A:  By declaring the premajor, you will be under the catalog year in which you declare the premajor.  If requirements change for declaring the major, you will not be affected.