James Gazell, Ph.D.


PhD, Southern Illinois University

Office: PSFA 153

E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Phone: 619-594-4604

My teaching interests over the thirty-two years as a public administration faculty member have remained steady and have focused on four areas. One has been judicial administration, which concentrates on the numerous structural and operational changes that the nation’s state and federal courts have made over the last half century in order to manage their business more effectively and to become a genuinely coordinate branch of government in a separation-of-powers political system. A second area has been research methods, especially legal research, by which students learn how to find statutes, regulations, and court decisions in print and, increasingly, on-line at various websites. A third area has been general public administration, which enables students to understand the various currents running through the subdivisions of the field and to appreciate its expanding boundaries, particularly into the realm on non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and its linkages with other fields of knowledge. A fourth area has been organization and administrative theory, which stresses the roles of strategy, structure, and processes for maintaining and increasing the effectiveness of public-sector agencies.

My research interests have paralleled my teaching interests over the same time span. I have intermittently done refereed, published articles in the areas of research methods, general public administration, and organization theory. But my one enduring research focus over the decades has been in the area of judicial administration, where I have had refereed, published books, chapters, and articles on numerous facets of this emerging profession and on developing an overall picture of it. In fact, a majority of my writings have centered on this area; and my current research is here as well. Over the years I have occasionally departed from these emphases. For instance, I have written published, refereed articles on the United States Supreme Court’s reapportionment decisions, local history (Chicago), America’s entry into the United Nations, and the quest for a global ethic. On several occasions, I have edited or co-edited refereed, published symposia and contributed single-authored or co-authored articles to them. Research and writing for professional publication are activities that I have enjoyed doing. They have enhanced my knowledge and effectiveness as a teacher and contributed to the growing academic reputation of San Diego State University and the School of Public Affairs.