Public Administration Program Overview

The MPA degree at San Diego State University is accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. (NASPAA)

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In the 21st Century the nation is in need of effective leadership and competence in the administration of public affairs. The growth of all levels of government and public service organizations and their increasing responsibilities in a complex society have led directly to the need for more capable public administrators.

The primary purpose of the public administration program is to provide knowledge and skills for students who wish to prepare themselves for management careers in government, community agencies, private not for profit organizations, planning and consulting firms and private sector organizations that work in partnership with the public sector. The job market and hiring criteria of today’s economy indicate that employment opportunities for public administrators are expanding in spite of budget challenges.

NASPAA AccreditedPublic Administration can be found throughout the public and private sectors, and the future is represented by an expanding job market. The Public Administration Center within the School provides a comprehensive file of current job openings locally, throughout California, and across the country. Upon graduation our students have secured a wide variety of administrative positions within government, the private sector, and community agencies. For example, graduating students have been placed with city personnel and finance departments, county operating departments, special districts, hospitals, and consulting firms.

The Public Administration Program offers several degree options:

  • Minor in Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration (on campus)
  • Master of Public Administration (online)
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in City Planning
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Master of Public Administration and Master of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies