City Planing Graduate Internships

CP 796 (internship class) is an important component to the MCP instructional program. Internships may take place in public, private and non-profit sector agencies. 

The MCP Internship Coordinator will meet individually with students to discuss career goals and research interests.  The MCP Internship Coordinator will then provide the student with leads for pre-approved internship assignments that are consistent with the student’s career and learning objectives.  Internships must be in the field of urban planning or in a closely related area.  Students will work under the joint supervision of the course instructor (MCP Internship Coordinator) and on-site supervisor.  Students will complete written assignments as required and attend one group meeting during the semester to share their experiences.  Upon completing the designated number of hours for the course, each student’s on-site supervisor will complete a performance evaluation of the student’s work. 

For more information regarding City Planning Internships and CP 796, please contact the Jack McGrory Internship Coordinator, Patricia Frosio, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or (619) 594-5576.