Sambuddha Ghatak

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Dr. Sambuddha Ghatak is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at SDSU Imperial Valley and a member of the faculty of the School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University in the Fall of 2023. Originally from India, Dr. Ghatak has completed his PhD in Political Science from the University of Tennessee and an MA in Politics from the Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Before joining San Diego State University in Fall 2023, Dr. Ghatak was an Assistant Professor in Justice Studies at San Jose State University from 2017 and a lecturer at the University of Tennessee from 2014 to 2017. As a researcher in terrorism and political conflict, Dr. Ghatak has published in several peer-reviewed journals such as Terrorism and Political Violence, Journal of Conflict Resolution and International Interactions. He has also taught several courses on terrorism, conflict processes, social movement and human rights in the San Jose State University and University of Tennessee. Dr. Ghatak is a faculty member in the Homeland Security Graduate Program at San Diego State University Imperial Valley.

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