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Louis M. Rea, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of City Planning in the School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University where he served as School Director for nearly 25 years. Dr. Rea teaches graduate courses in statistical analysis, transportation planning, survey research, program design and evaluation, and urban/fiscal problems as well as undergraduate courses in introductory public administration and policy and evaluation in Criminal Justice. He teaches both in-person classes as well as both synchronous and asynchronous online courses. Dr. Rea received his B.A. degree in Economics from Colgate University and both his Master of Regional Planning (M.R.P.) degree and Ph.D. degree in social science (public economics and management) from Syracuse University. Dr. Rea has extensive experience as a researcher and consultant in the San Diego area since 1975 and has conducted surveys and focus group studies in numerous consulting and research assignments for municipal jurisdictions and private businesses throughout California. He has also prepared environmental impact reports and market analyses for various commercial and recreational developments. Among other projects, he has conducted program evaluations, analyzed the feasibility of assessment districts and direct benefit financing, conducted research in the areas of transportation and water management, and prepared demographic and economic profiles and projections for a multitude of public and private agencies. Dr. Rea has published a variety of articles in such journals as Urban Affairs Quarterly, Transportation Quarterly, and the American Review of Public Administration. He has participated in panel discussions, and delivered numerous papers at professional conferences throughout the United States. Dr. Rea has been particularly active in the San Diego region as an educator and community resource. In recognition of his contributions to the San Diego region, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors formerly designated May 6, 2006 as “Louis M. Rea day.”

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