Konrad Moore

Adjunct Lecturer, School of Public Affairs (Law in Society); Former Public Defender (Kern County); UC Berkeley School of Law, J.D.; UC Berkeley, B.S.; Attorney (Active); CPA (Inactive); Believer in Desperately Urgent Need for Social Justice, including Reversing Mass Incarceration and Discrimination and Oppression vs. African Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Females, LGBTQ+, Poor and other disadvantaged communities; Believer in Moral Necessity of Slavery Reparations, and Worthy Deconstruction/ Elimination of Slaveholder Shrines, including Washington and Jefferson Memorials and Mt. Rushmore; Eliminating Slaveholder Presidents from US Currency & updating US History education to end propaganda like inculcation/ indoctrination of young school children into preferred White Supremacy Narrative (e.g., Devote (in Elementary School) 1 Full semester to White Enslavement of African Americans and 1 to Extermination of Native Americans); Advocate for Ending Brainwashing of Young Children with Pledge of Allegiance until words "with Liberty and Justice for all" are more than a fairy tale. Dad & Guardian to Four Canine Rescues.

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