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Howard M. Blackson III, CNUac Mr. Howard M. Blackson III, CNUac is a national leader in crafting innovative urban design and planning ideas and techniques for over 25 years. Current Director of Urbanism at AVRP Skyport in downtown San Diego, he has professional experience in Singapore, South Korea, and throughout North America, and his education pursuits led him to London, England. A noted lecturer, writer, and innovator, Mr. Blackson’s articles and drawings have been published in the Congress for the New Urbanism, Charter for the New Urbanism, 2nd Edition (2013), and American Planning Association, Planning and Urban Design Standards (2006), as well as a chapter on the American context in RIBA’s Urban Design Practice: An International Review(2012). Mr. Blackson is former Board Director of Civic San Diego, Program Manager of the City of San Diego’s Civic Innovation Lab, and currently sits on the General Services Administration Design Excellence Committee, is chairman of the Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter, and is on City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan Implementation Committee.

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