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Hannah Hobbs is a WELL Accredited Professional holding a Master of Architecture with a focus in Neuroscience for Architecture. She works full time in the profession of architecture at one of the top 25 firms nationally focusing on human-centered design bolstering the design dialogue and application of Healthy Buildings. She assists in the various stages of architectural projects (from pre-design and schematic design to construction documents), coordinates design communications between graphics, marketing and architectural teams, participates in design promotion through teaching and community engagements, and researches and implements design practices, programs and techniques within the firm. Hannah's main focus in architecture and urban design thinking is based heavily on research and how the resultant forms affect the users. Her passion for architecture and research was explored from the inception of her studies providing a foundational design research approach. Furthermore, with the unique opportunity to work with people with disabilities, Hannah spent time learning how this special population engages with the world and built environment in hopes to better design based on the individuals and their needs.

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