Kierra Ceasar-Thompson

Headshot of Kierra  Ceasar-Thompson

My name is Kierra Ceasar-Thompson, and I am an experienced Administrative Analyst. Recently I served in the capacity of Administrative Analyst I assigned to the Bureau of Public Assistance Investigations unit with the Department of Child Support Services. I was primarily responsible for the research, interpretation, and analysis of reports and summaries for policy directives, procedures, legislation, ordinances, regulations, and laws. My career with the County of San Diego began in May 2015 as an Office Assistant with Child Welfare Services, where I reviewed adoption applications for approval and performed the first round of background checks, shortly after I promoted to Assistant Child Support Officer with the Department of Child Support Services, where I spent majority of my time assisting customers in our call center by providing case information/updates and explained the child support process amongst many other things.

I have dedicated 7 years of my life to local government and I’m just getting started. In my current role as Administrative Analyst II with the Department of General Services I am responsible for helping to convert the County of San Diego’s existing fleet of 4,000 plus to Electric Vehicles, if a comparable replacement exists. Currently the county has a goal of placing 250 electric vehicles in-service by 2025 and 501 by 2027. We currently have 94 EVs in service, putting us on track to meet the county goal and satisfy state of California fleet EV requirements. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my daughter, family, and friends, embarking on a good adventure, and watching a good movie on the couch.

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