Public Administration Preparation for the Major

Declaring the Major

There are four (4) key requirements to declare the Public Administration major:

  1. Seven (7) required prerequisite courses:
    MIS 180 - Principles of Information Systems (3 units)
    STAT - Statistics Course (3 units)

    Students may choose from any of the following statistics courses to fulfill the three-unit statistics requirement: STAT 119, ARP 201, BIOL 215, CIV E 160, ECON 201, POL S 210, PSY 280, or SOC 201.

  2. Minimum grade of "C" in all prerequisites
  3. Complete a minimum of 45 semester units. (60 units are required for transfer students).
  4. Minimum 2.4 GPA cumulative

At the end of each semester, PA pre-majors will be evaluated by the Office of Advising and Evaluations and automatically declared a PA major if all pre-requisite requirements have been met.

Students who are not automatically declared a PA major, may request major status by completing the “Declaration or Change of Major” form, which may be obtained from the Lobby of PSFA 100 or by visiting