Criminal Justice Preparation for the Major

Declaring the Major

  1. Four (4) required prerequisite courses:
  2. Minimum grade of "C" in all prerequisites
  3. Complete a minimum of 45 semester units. (60 units are required for transfer students).
  4. Minimum 2.8 GPA cumulative

At the end of each semester, CJ pre-majors will be evaluated by the Office of Advising and Evaluations and automatically declared a CJ major if all pre-requisite requirements have been met.

Students who are not automatically declared, but have met the minimum pre-requisite requirements, may complete the “Declaration or Change of Major” form, which is located in the Lobby of PSFA 100 or by visiting

Follow the instructions on the form and attach your transcript(s), or your Degree Evaluation, and place in the dropbox in PSFA 100. Once approved, take the form to the Office of the Registrar.